4 Hacks from a Hairstylist: Keeping Your Color Vibrant

When you spend a pretty penny getting your hair colored exactly like the picture from Pinterest you found (we all do it!), you want to make sure that it stays the exact shade it’s supposed to for as long as possible. Here are four pro stylist tips for keeping your hair as vibrant as the day you got it done!

  1. Keep it cool. Use cold water for at least the first three washes after you get your hair colored. Giving your scalp and hair time to adjust is key, and being too hard on it too soon with heat can lock out some of the color.
  2. Be Soft. Make sure you have a soft water filter to remove chlorine. Chlorine is damaging to hair, drying, and messes with your natural oils.
  3. Gently. Make sure to use a sulfate-free, color protective shampoo and conditioner when you do wash your hair. Blondes hear this tip all the time, but it’s universally true for any type of hair.
  4. Protect It. Always use a UV protection spray to guard against fading. Not only does this help fight against heat damage from your blow-dryer and curler, more importantly, it will block the sun-rays from messing with the shade of your hair.

We love hearing from YOU! What tips have you tried or found helpful? Leave them in the comments!

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