What You REALLY Need In Your Labor Hospital Bag

When you’re getting ready for baby, there are endless lists involved with helping you prep. What to buy for the nursery, play room, diaper bag, and the lists go on. As a mom of two, I now know what I should have brought and left behind. I have yet to find a hospital bag list that is realistic and not too exhaustive (aka makes you pack WAY too much.) I also include a few tips you’ll appreciate to help you save some time, money, and stress. Share this with your preggo friends and they’ll thank you!

  1. Insurance cards & ID card. Put them in an accessible pocket where you or your partner can easily find them.
  2. Chargers for your phone, IPad, camera, and all other electronics.
  3. Camera, Phone or IPad.
  4. Glasses or extra contacts.
  5. Makeup remover wipes & a great skin moisturizer & lip balm. It’s dry in there!
  6. Any toiletries or makeup  you’ll want after you deliver. Don’t forget shampoo & conditioner since you’ll shower there.
  7. Nursing bra.
  8. An outfit to go home in for you and your partner.
  9. A cute robe if you plan on using your own. Here is where I got mine!
  10. Cash or change for vending machine food and drinks.
  11. A warm sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a pillow for your partner.
  12. An extra bag. The hospital sends you home with lots of supplies like diapers, pads, and creams (if you ask for them) so bring an extra bag to help hold it all. Load up on all the free supplies they give you!
  13.  Going home outfit for baby. Remember a hat and tiny gloves if it’s winter.
  14. Car seat.
  15. Receiving blanket.
  16. Wipes and newborn diapers (even though the hospital will have plenty, so don’t sweat it if you forget them.)

Do you have any items to add to the list? Let us know!

Emily Olson

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  1. Brittany says:

    I brought my boppy and it was really helpful while we were figuring out breastfeeding!😊

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