Shopping With A Purpose: 3 Socially Conscious Brands!

The biggest things I look for while shopping is a good deal, but occasionally I do not mind spending a bit more on a purchase that is going to make a difference in someone else’s life. Through the years I have found a few socially conscious brands that I follow and like to support. Today I am going to share them with you and hopefully you will discover some cute pieces then make a purchase you can feel great about.
31 Bits – 31 Bits is hands down one of my favorite socially conscious brands. I discovered them while I was interning for another company in college that knew the girls who started the company. Everyone in the office wore their jewelry and spoke highly of them. 31 Bits is jewelry handmade out of recycled “bits” of paper by women in Africa. Their work with the 31 Bits team provides them with an education and income to help support their families. I highly recommend checking out their website to read the fully story of how the company began, how the program works for the women involved, and to shop of course! They recently released a bright and beautiful spring collection and I have my eye on the “Lotus” necklace as my next purchase.
Sseko Designs – I actually first heard about Sseko Designs while watching Shark Tank! I started following them on social media and spent a lot of time browsing their website. Sseko is another company based in Uganda and they create leather sandals, beautiful handbags, and accessories. Their mission is to help women pursuing college degrees so they can go out and impact the world after their training with Sseko. While their products may be a little more costly than I regularly spend, I know that my money is being spent on quality materials and helping women trying to better their lives. I never had to question if I could pursue higher education so it is humbling to know that by shopping I can make that opportunity a reality for a woman in need.
Love Your Melon – I would not be surprised if you have already heard of this brand because I recently learned about Love Your Melon from various celebrities on Instagram. The amount of people posting about beanies sure caught my attention. Love Your Melon was started by two college kids for a class assignment and it took off! They have a 1 for 1 model where they provide a beanie to a child battling cancer with every purchase. Such a simple format with big results! It may be summer but you can still rock a cute slouchy beanie on those cooler nights.
Do you have any favorite socially conscious brands? Leave a comment if you do, I would love to hear!
Kimberly Luepke

Lover of all things nautical. Wife to Lou 4, soon to be momma to Lou 5, and obsessed with my Bentley – my dog, not the car. Local government worker by day, Netflix and yoga pants by night. I find my strength in the Lord and my peace by the sea.

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Marie Anderson says:

    Do you think that the first one works off of a bit of savior complex though? I looked at the website and noticed that all of the models were skinny white women, which does not embrace the cultures they are attempting to support. I am not saying it is a bad organization but it is definitely something to think about.

    • Kimmy Luepke says:

      Hi Marie,
      That is an interesting point to make! I can definitely see where it would be beneficial to have more diversity in their models to emphasize what the company believes in. However, I respectfully disagree that the ladies who run this company have a savior complex. Sharing mutual friends, I know they are passionate about their business and the good in does for these women. 🙂
      I appreciate your feedback though and looking deeper into this company beyond the jewelry!

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