You Are Amazing, Remember That

In no particular order, I think the following things are amazing: the ocean, NBA players making half court shots, popcorn, someone’s natural hair color, dogs, chocolate chip cookies, the list goes on and on. All are different levels of amazing to me and people probably highly disagree with my list, especially dogs and popcorn.

Does that make any of the above listed things less amazing to me? No. When I started thinking about the topic of amazement, I felt stuck. What is amazing? What defines it to me personally or even to the world around me?

I have the ability to be my own worst enemy, my biggest critic. I am never good enough, strong enough, pretty enough. I am just not enough. Do you ever feel like that? Ever feel, well, not amazing? We live in a time where we are defined by the standards of the world. By what the world and people tell us is good enough or even what is amazing. Your definition is different than mine and that is okay.

It sounds bold to say it but I am amazing. My family was told I probably would not survive but I fought to stay alive. I amazed them. I grew to be an independent little fighter who beat the odds. If I fought so hard back then, why don’t I fight for who I am now? Think about that for a minute. I am me and you are you. Although we are different, we are each miracles in our own right. The fact that I am writing this post and that you are reading it is amazing. Take a moment and make a list of what you think is amazing. Add yourself to the bottom of that list because today I proclaim that you are amazing.

Amazing is defined as something that causes great surprise or wonder; impressive. So why do I  even allow myself to think that I am not amazing? I am and you are too. Each person has a story as to what has brought them here to this very place. Just because you have days where you feel like you are not enough, does not take away from the fact that you are amazing.

I challenge you to start each day with the following motto:
I am enough. I am incredible. I am amazing.
Because…well you are.

Share your list of what you think is amazing in the comment section, don’t forget to add your name to the end of the list!

Melissa Weldon

Born and raised in Washington state but now call Southern California home. Owner of Polished Business Solutions, married to my college sweetheart, mom to the cutest rescue pup, love popcorn, wine, and reality tv.

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