Why Skiing In California Is Not What You Think

I LOVE snow skiing. It’s my favorite sport, I look forward to winter. But we live in southern California, winters are warm.

Amazingly, remarkably, a mere 65 minutes drive is a small ski area. It peaks at 8000 ft, which yes, is high, but remember we’re in SoCal, so it just barely qualifies for wintry weather.

If  a storm comes in and it snows, they open the ‘east mountain’ which is my favorite. There are essentially 2 trails. Ski the same two runs over & over. And over & over. Repeat, then do it again.

Many complain about our little mountain. Sometimes they’re grumpy & belligerent.

“That place sucks. How do you not get bored with only two runs?”

‘Are you kidding? We’re 65 minutes from Los Angeles! It’s not the best, but look at what we DO have: Different types of snow—packed powder, icy, soft, deep—different paths down the trail, different weather, different music to hum in your head, different levels of energy, cool people to meet on the chairlift, different people to watch. Different pace—sometimes ski top-to-bottom in one run, other times leisurely slow with stops to enjoy the view– ‘

“View? what view?”

‘Are you kidding? Sometimes bluebird skies, sometimes cloudy, foggy, patchy sun. Mt Baldy to the south, next to Mt Baden-Powell, north to flat high desert; the pine trees, fresh air, the little twirping birds—‘

“Nahhh…that place sucks. Been there/done that.”

Blank gaze.

‘…or you can just blunder through life like a dull headed ignoramus.’

Some people are committed to misery. Let them be.

‘—listen pal, if you think two ski runs are bad, you won’t believe this: I only got ONE wife!’

Don’t be dull, peeps. Exercise your imagination, grow an active eye for detail and you’ll be applauding God all day long for His job well done!

Comments? agree? disagree?…it’s much more fun if you share your thoughts!
Dirk Mullenger

Raised in NY, college at University of Iowa, year abroad in Paris. Tight with my wife and 4 children. Business, writer, guitarist, skier, drives a convertible. One person’s hindsight is another person’s foresight.

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