10 Genius Travel Hacks

Love to travel but hate packing? Us too. We’re here to make jet-setting easier for you with these 10 genius travel hacks to save the day! Wheels up!

  1. Place a cotton pad in your powder or blush compacts to prevent them from breaking during the trip.
  2.  If you bring hot tools, wrap them in a potholder to protect your clothes.
  3.  Throw a dryer sheet in with your dirty clothes bag to prevent it from starting to smell.
  4. If you’re at a hotel and run out of chargers, the TV usually has a USB plug-in.
  5. Use a plastic shower cap to cover the bottom of your shoes and protect the rest of your clothes from dirt!
  6. Empty tic-tac cases make awesome storage for bobby pins!
  7. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them.
  8. To save space, pack rolled up socks inside of your shoes.
  9. Use old sunglasses holders to store power cords & jewelry.
  10. Make your own airplane beverage. Pack a thermos with lemon, honey, and your own tea bag. Then have the flight attendant fill it with hot water. It will make your flight that much more relaxing and keep you hydrated.

Going on a trip soon? Share this with your travel mates and they will thank you over and over!

Emily Olson

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  1. I’m normally quite good at packing and I am regularly using many of your tricks. Especially rolling my clothes have made a massive difference and I always pack things in my shoes (+it protects the shape of the shoes). I didn’t know that you could charge your phone from the TV. Thanks, I’m sure that it will come in VERY handy one day. 🙂

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