4 Things I Learned When I Tried Blue Apron

Fresh food delivery services are increasingly trendy, Blue Apron being one of the front runners if you want healthy, delicious meals that are easy to prepare and you don’t have to plan. I tried Blue Apron and here’s how it went:

The food was delicious and filling. My husband is 6’7 and can eat quite a bit of food, but the portions were hearty, yet healthy. The vegetable side dishes tasted fresh (because they were) and the flavoring in each meal made it not only filling, but very satisfying.

There was a lot of chopping. While the recipes didn’t take a long time to prepare, most of the preparation time was taken up by chopping the vegetables. But, if you’re going to eat “freshly prepared” food, you have to somewhat expect that there will be chopping and mincing. I love to cook, so I found the time I spent preparing the fresh ingredients was actually pretty therapeutic and calming, but if you aren’t someone who likes to prepare the food, I suggest a food processor to speed things up.

I learned a lot about cooking. It’s easy to get into “cooking ruts” especially if you’re like me and have small children and little time to plan out meals each week. I loved being able to discover new ways to cook certain meats and combinations of veggies that I rarely buy at the store on my own. I had formed my 5-6 “signature” meals that I cooked each week, and it was really great to deviate from that repertoire.

 It made date night easier. My husband liked the fact that it felt like we were eating at a nice restaurant, yet we were actually sitting on our couch catching up on Modern Family episodes while chowing down. Especially with a small baby in the house, sometimes it’s hard to get out, and try something new. Blue Apron helped us break our “dinner rut” cycle of the same 5 to 6 meals we were used to eating each week.

Overall, Blue Apron in our home was a huge success. I loved the convenience, the already-planned meals, and the pre-portioned ingredients that meant I wasn’t wasting any food I bought.

Have you tried a meal delivery service? What was your experience?

*Not sponsored or endorsed by Blue Apron. As always, I tried the product on my own and these are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Emily Olson

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    Makes me want to try it out!!

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