Feeling Overwhelmed? 7 Tips That Can Help!

Trust me when I say, I get it. I get the “I cannot possibly handle anything else or I just might explode” feeling. I would much rather sit, watch a movie, eat some popcorn and pretend like I have nothing to do. Sound familiar? If you struggle with this too, I put together some helpful tips that I use when I start to feel overwhelmed. Hope they come in handy for you like they do for me!

Tip 1: Set small, obtainable goals
From a person who wants to start working out or to someone beginning a career, set small goals. It is always good to have an end goal in your mind but having small obtainable goals along the way is helpful. They can be as simple as talk to one new co-worker a day, exercise 4 times this week, or write 500 words for an essay. Small goals can make the idea of the end goal a lot less overwhelming.

Tip 2: Make a list
Your list can be a daily, weekly or monthly. I currently have a long and short term ‘To Do’ list. Some of the items are as easy as change the pictures in the photo collage and some are much more difficult like research 401K plans. I look over my lists often and see what I can do this week to check at least one item off.  Sometimes you cannot check any items off for the week and that is okay. It is written down and can be accomplished at some point.

Tip 3: Plan for the next day
Planning ahead is something I enjoy. I like to know what is in store for me the coming day. Take time at the end of the day and look at the next day. This is one of the best ways to mentally prepare yourself for what is ahead. Sometimes the next day is crazy busy but knowing that in advance gives you time to process. I find that often times I am able to handle unexpected situations better knowing what my day looks like too.  

Tip 4: Take a break
I cannot tell you how many times getting up and taking a 10 minute walk has improved my outlook. Yes, all the work and stress will still be there when you get back but your mind will be much clearer. If you cannot step outside, at least put whatever you are working on or thinking about on the back burner for a few. Watch a funny YouTube video, text a friend, close your eyes for a few minutes, almost anything to clear your mind.

Tip 5: Say no
I feel guilty saying no. For many of us, our nature is to say yes no matter what is going on in our lives. Learning to say no has been a big struggle for me and I work on it daily. It really is okay to say “hey, not today, I have a lot on my plate” or even at work to speak to your boss about your workload if it really is too much to bear. Practice saying no to little things and I promise, it will feel freeing.

Tip 6: Celebrate small victories
Finished your final term paper? Finalized plans for next month’s birthday celebration? Worked out 4 times this week? CELEBRATE! Give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge the fact that you completed something. Not only does it feel great to celebrate small victories but it helps remind you why you are doing what you are doing. We all need encouragement and celebrations, right?!

Tip 7: Remember that you do not have to do this alone
One of the biggest misconceptions we have is that we need to handle everything by ourselves. Yes, some things need to be taken care of by me but not everything. Asking a friend, co-worker, or family member for help is valid and encouraged. Also, not just asking for help but maybe sharing with them that you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes having an outsiders’ perspective on your situation can help greatly.

What about you? Comment below and share how you help combat the feeling of being overwhelmed!

Melissa Weldon

Born and raised in Washington state but now call Southern California home. Owner of Polished Business Solutions, married to my college sweetheart, mom to the cutest rescue pup, love popcorn, wine, and reality tv.

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Yohanna says:

    hi! I love this post! it really inspired me to actually think that it’s okey to be overwhelmed sometimes. And sometimes I’ll get overwhelmed by little things, for example to face something scary. this week I’m going to meet a friend of mine that I haven’t met since kindergarten! We have been talking a lot through social media but not face2face! we are planning to go to a theatre with some other friends of mine, but still; I’m a little nervous. what if it’ll get awkward or something? I don’t even now what we are going to talk about! so I’m a little overwhelmed….🙄 do you have some other tips that can help me??

    • Melissa Weldon says:

      Hi Yohanna-you have probably already met with your friend..how did it go?! If you haven’t, I would say to honestly expect it to be a little awkward. You haven’t seen this person in a long time and that’s okay for it to be a little awkward! But don’t let that be a focus. Sometimes when I am facing something that might be uncomfortable, I address it like this “so crazy we haven’t seen each other in so long..I have been nervous to see you in person and thought it would be weird!” My guess is that she feels the same way! If all else fails, ask her questions about her, everyone likes to talk about themselves (haha!) Sometimes I think of questions to ask someone before we get together too. Another thing, just take a deep breath and try to remember that it doesn’t have to be a perfect hangout-it might be a little weird and uncomfortable but that’s okay and to be expected. You can do it! Have fun (if you haven’t seen each other already!)

  2. Linda says:

    hi Yohanna! i totally agree with you!! almost the same thing has happened to me too! Mellissa Weldon can you please help me too? give me some good tips? PLEASE! :<

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