3 Ways to Succeed at Anything!

Success: We all want it, but what is it? Most of us think that simply setting goals will lead to success, but here are a few key things to keep in mind before you attempt to accomplish that big dream you have.

  1. Figure out what makes you happy, and then set your goals.
    Defining what “success” looks like to you is the key to sticking to your goal in the first place. Don’t use someone else’s definition of success: define it for yourself. Will losing 10 pounds really make you happier, or do you just think it might make you happier? In reality, many things we believe will be our “magic ticket” are not as great as we think they will be when we reach them. Before you make goals for yourself, make sure you are really examining what will make you happy and fulfilled. In other words, if you want to succeed at something, make sure it’s worth pursuing first!
  2. Remember that things will not go as planned. And that’s okay!
    When you are working towards something, there will inevitably be many times when things go differently than how you planned. If you see this as negative, you’re more likely to see it as a sign to “give up”. But, if you shift your perspective just a little bit, and see unplanned (and sometimes hard!) events as stepping stones, you can change the entire outcome of your journey. How you respond to an unplanned setback is one of the most important parts of moving forward. Be prepared to be surprised! Adapt to your situation, and move forward!
  3. You’re going to want to give up. Don’t give up. 
    This is the most popular advice you will hear from anyone who has reached a goal they set. They will tell you that they wanted to give up many, many times. The difference between the people who succeed and the ones who don’t? The people who reach their goals just don’t give up. It’s simple. They are not necessarily smarter, better, or more lucky, they just refuse to quit on themselves and their dream. Eventually, they break through. One of the biggest secrets to success is to not become discouraged despite experiencing many setbacks. The less discouraged you can train your mind to be, the less likely it is that you will give up.

What does success look like to you? Let us know in the comments!

Emily Olson

Wife, Mom, Christ Follower. I am passionate about making YouTube videos and writing.

“You can edit out all of the imperfect things, but you don’t have to.”

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