3 Honeymoon Mistakes To Avoid

In the rush of planning the wedding and the sheer excitement of becoming “newlyweds”, my husband and I would have done a few key things differently in our planning process for the honeymoon. We ended up choosing Santorini, Greece, and it was the most magical place on Earth. Here are three things you need to know if you are planning your own honeymoon.

  1. Book the honeymoon tickets in your maiden name. 
    We made this mistake and booked the airline tickets in my married name rather than my maiden name, and it was costly! Most airlines do not accomodate for name change mistakes, so we ended up having to re-purchase the tickets in my maiden name. It takes at least 6-8 weeks to receive all the new documentation for your new name, so if you are planning on heading to your destination right after the wedding ceremony, you will need to have your old identification match your plane ticket.
  2. Honeymoon registries are all the rage & worth it!
    Looking back, we didn’t even consider signing up for a “honeymoon registry”, but there are some great options available to help fund a dinner, excursion, or hotel stay at your destination. This is not only a memorable way to celebrate your new life together as “one,” it is also so helpful to have things planned out and budgeted for ahead of time. It’s one less thing to have to think about while you are vacationing. HoneyFund and Wanderable are two popular honeymoon registries to try out.
  3. High heels are overrated 
    In Greece, most streets are cobblestone, and the stairs are endless. So, all of the heels I packed, I didn’t end up using. Instead, I wore sandals everywhere, and I wish I had brought more comfy sandals. If you are going to a location that is very different than your home, it’s a good idea to research smaller details like this because they make a huge difference when you are walking for hours a day and “touring” the area.

What are your best tips for planning a honeymoon? Leave them in the comments & help other readers out!

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  1. Melissa Weldon says:

    My advice is to always book a honeymoon a day or two after the wedding. Don’t try and fly out the next morning at 7am…you will be exhausted.
    We got married on a Saturday and flew out Monday morning. We had all day Sunday to sleep in, relax, finalize packing, travel to a hotel close to the airport, and really soak in those first 24 hours of married life. Made a big difference for us and we highly recommend it!

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