5 Hair Hacks To Grow Hair Fast!

Hair is supposed to grow 1/2 inch a month, yet it can often feel like a struggle to even see any growth at all. Unknowingly, I was sabotaging my hair growth by making mistakes that led to damaged, dry hair, and only when I tried these four things did I see massive results. Now, a year later, my hair is 8 inches longer and I get constant comments on how fast it’s growing. Here are my best tips for fast hair growth!

  1. Wash your hair a maximum of 3 times a week.
    The less wear and tear you can put on your hair, the better. Over time, your hair will adjust to washing less, and you will likely see less “grease” on days you don’t wash it. But, if your hair starts to get greasy, just throw some dry shampoo in on days that you skip the wash!
  2. Use a heat protectant spray right after you shower.
    Protecting your hair from the elements (heat, UV rays, etc.) is so important! My favorite spray is TRESemme’s Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray. This is the only product I use post-shower now, and it leaves my hair smooth, protected, and light-weight.
  3. Take a Multivitamin every single day!
    Instead of purchasing expensive pills that promise hair growth, just take a multivitamin! Be consistent, too! I love the women’s multivitamin from Trader Joe’s, but any vitamin that you prefer, go for it!
  4. Stop blow-drying your hair!
    I know this sounds like a tall order, but this tip alone has made the biggest difference in the health and length of my hair. If it means you have to wash your hair the night before, or skip a day of washing, make the commitment to use less heat on your hair! The health of my hair improved enormously when I stopped drying it, and I was able to request less “trims” because I didn’t have as many split ends.
  5. Only trim your hair every other time you get it colored.
    Now, this tip is only possible if you have healthy hair, and you will if you follow the first four tips! Now when I go in to get my hair colored, I only ask her to “dust the ends” every other time. My hairstylist is usually fine with this since the split ends I used to have are completely gone! If you can get your hair’s health to the point that you don’t need to trim it so much, this will help you the most in growing it quickly!

If you want to see these tips in video form, check out the video I posted on this same topic:

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  1. Suzie Burgos says:

    Thanx for the great tips – I’m definitely trying to grow my hair!!!

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