6 DIY Hacks for Moms of Toddlers

  1. Use Easter eggs as snack containers for on-the-go! They’re easy to pack, store, and incredibly inexpensive!
  2. Use an egg slicer to slice fruit like strawberries. They create the perfect, thin slices that are easy for toddlers to chew!
  3. If your toddler keeps attempting to open a 2-door cabinet, use a hair tie to loop the cabinet knobs together.
  4. Fill old Birchbox boxes with shakable objects like rice, beans or cereal. Tape the lid on and you have yourself a cheap tambourine!

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  5. Shampoo bottles and containers with lids make the absolute best (and cheapest) bath toys!
  6. Use a bead container to store food for long road trips to keep your toddler nourished and occupied. 
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