3 Apps to Transform Your Instagram Skills

Photography on your phone is not only more mainstream than ever, it’s turning into an art. There are many apps out there designed to help photographers get their work noticed, and here are a few that you may want to try if you are looking to improve your “filter game”, or take your Instagram feed to the next level.

  1. VSCOCam
    VSCO makes elegant, minimal filters that enhance your pictures and offer that professional look you’ve been searching for. The app helps you shoot, edit, and filter like a pro, and you can even post them to your own feed to showcase your creations, much like Instagram. VCSO’s filters are what makes this app the best choice to give your picture life.
  2. Snapseed
    The best feature about this app is it’s “selective” feature, where you can saturate, re-color, or brighten specific parts of your picture. So if you only want to make the orange pumpkins in the picture more orange (and not your skin), this app helps you do that. Snapseed has unique and specific tools that help you highlight the best aspects of any photo you take.
  3. Facetune
    This app is not just used for tuning the facial features anymore! There are many features in Facetune that help you brighten whites, enhance details of a photo, and apply light filters that brighten your photo without washing it out.
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