How To Wait For Your Love Story

Hey gang! I’m Kimmy and I’ve known Nikki since my freshman year of high school. Over these past 12 years we have seen each other through many stages of life, including falling in love and being in each other’s weddings!

Before we start, let me share a little about myself. I am 26 years old and married to Louie, the best husband God could have handpicked for me. We are obsessed with Bentley, our insanely cute dog, and I am pregnant with our first child who we are so excited to meet in June!

For Falling in Love February I wanted to share my story of how I fell in love. I think it is so easy to look at married couples with envy (speaking from experience) but not know the path it took to get there. My husband was my first boyfriend and we didn’t start dating until I was 23 years old. Boy, did I feel old!

My high school years were spent single. I had my fair share of emotional days but it wasn’t the worst thing to happen to me. I have so many positive memories to look back on and I attribute that to being involved in student government, my youth group, and solid group of friends. It didn’t take away from the sting of the holidays though when I watched my friends celebrate with their boyfriends, especially Valentine’s Day… right??

If you’re in high school and I can offer you any advice, please hear this: You are amazing, smart, and beautiful. Find something you enjoy to invest your time in. Plus, chances are there are probably a couple boys who like you but are just to afraid to admit it, they’ll kick themselves for it one day.

College on the other hand was a little more difficult… I was still single so I thought there must have been something wrong with me if no guys wanted to date me. I finally had my first kiss at 19 and I wasted it on your stereotypical bad boy. Once he got me, he dropped me, and it stung for a long time.

I transferred to a Christian university where the pressure to fall in love became greater and it didn’t help that there was a 3:1 ratio of girls to guys. During my senior year I fell hard for a great guy friend of mine. Between numerous lunches and dinners in the caf, trips to Disneyland, searching for a church together, and all the little moments in between, it sure felt like we were dating… but we weren’t.

I spent over a year and a half longing for him to ask me out. It got to a point where I physically couldn’t take the pain in my chest and decided to take matters into my own hands.  After an unsuccessful trip to visit him, I had to have the awkward conversation over Skype. My worst nightmare came true. We were just friends.

It took me a while to get over him but it taught me a lesson: if a guy likes you, he’ll tell you.

Fast forward a couple years to Louie. We knew each other for 15 years before dating but when we realized there was potential to be something more than friends it was like someone sprinkled Disney magic over us. It only took a few weeks before asking me to be his girlfriend (something I didn’t take lightly) and about a month before saying “I love you.” I think some people thought we were crazy but hey, look at us now!

Thinking back to this time still gives me butterflies. I was pursued in a way I dreamed of and our relationship gets better every single day, even through the trials. I found the man of my dreams and we were married a few months shy of two years together.

While all relationships are different, I tell you these stories in hope that you can tell the difference when something is worth your time or not. As cliché as it sounds, you will “just know” when it is right. Know your value, love life, and know that there is no time limit on falling love.

Kimberly Luepke

Lover of all things nautical. Wife to Lou 4, soon to be momma to Lou 5, and obsessed with my Bentley – my dog, not the car. Local government worker by day, Netflix and yoga pants by night. I find my strength in the Lord and my peace by the sea.

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  1. Melissa Weldon says:

    Love your sweet love story! I met you right after you and Louie had started dating..(like a week or two or something), you guys were just so wonderful together. I can’t believe you will have a little one running around before too long! Thanks for sharing your story with all of us 🙂

    • Kimmy Luepke says:

      That’s right! You truly met us right at the very beginning! Thank you 🙂 I love my beautiful mess as you so perfectly put it!

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