What To Do When You’re In A Funk!

Do you guys ever have those days where you’re just in a funk? Not in a bad mood… or sad.. or anxious.. or angry… just in a funk..? Nothing feels that exciting and nothing can seem to make you happy… you’re just going through the motions… That was me yesterday.
Honestly guys, we’re only a week in to 2016 and so far things have been INSANE. Just to give you a snapshot, we’re moving, I booked a huge multi-year contract with Unilever for my YouTube channel, I may be working on developing a makeup line with a brand that I LOVEEEEE, I found out I’m going to fashion week, I’m going to Aruba, I’m hiring 3 new people over the next few weeks and this site relaunched! THINGS HAVE BEEN CRAZY. But I’ve also felt pretty anxious… and like I mentioned, yesterday I was in a funk.
I find it funny that emotions really aren’t that circumstantial… case in point, I have SO MUCH HAPPENING right now, but yesterday I felt bored… and had a hard time thinking and making decisions… and I felt like nothing was that exciting… even though there is so much excitement going on right now I can hardly keep my head screwed on straight!
Yesterday was a reminder to me yet again that I can’t always trust my emotions. Sometimes you feel a certain way and you just feel that way for no reason… and thats that. All emotions are fleeting… sometimes you feel like being disciplined and sometimes you don’t… sometimes you feel happy, sometimes you don’t. And on days like this where you’re just in a funk… not really feeling anything…(or at least not able to put your finger on what you’re feeling)…. Here is what you can try doing…AKA: here is what I did!=)
  1. Call a friend! For me, if I’m feeling out of it, and in a funk.. I often just need a friend to shake me up and get me thinking! Friends make me feel seen and understood and they laugh with me and can really wake up my soul when its feeling dormant. So if you’re in a funk, call a friend!
  1. Get moving! I have been sitting down A LOT over the last few days. That alone can often funkify my spirit! After all, I used to be a dancer! I got myself moving yesterday and even though I didn’t feel like it (because I had been sitting so much.lol) … once I got moving and did my physical therapy exercises, a part of me felt more awake than I did before I did them! So get moving my friends!
  1. Remind yourself that this too shall pass!  I almost found myself stressing yesterday just over the fact that I was in a funk! haha I talked about this in last weeks #howtobehappyjanuary video , but when I feel “off” I sometimes can beat myself up just for having that feeling! …Which btw is RIDICULOUS. lol Feelings come and go and sometimes you can’t control them… so relaxing and not beating yourself up and accepting them can sometimes help you get through them! Once I relaxed and accepted that it would pass, I found myself being more engaged in the present and getting psyched on the video I was editing, my laundry, hanging with my brother.. basically, the things that were right in front me. I let go of my expectations of what i “should be feeling” and was able to enjoy and process what was in front of me=)
SOOOOO ya! #howtobehappyjanuary has been amazing so far guys… I feel like the conversation between everyone has been so productive and I know it has really helped propel me personally into the year with so much energy!
How are you feeling? Have things been exciting? Have you been in a funk? What are some of your goals you’ve decided to work towards? I would love to hear your thoughts! I’ll be replying to comments all weekend! REMEMBER, GET INVOLVED! It will put you in a place where you’re more likely to apply the things you’ve been learning and meditating on!
I LOVE YOU GUYS and I will talk to you soon all over the internet!
Nikki Phillippi


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  1. Isabel Serrano says:

    I’ve had those funk times before. It’s like I go through little phases of motivation and then once reality and repetition comes back I just get all bleh. So I’m always trying to find a way to stay in a mindset that helps me appreciate whatever circumstances exist so I can move forward with what’s there instead of staying a in funk mode and not seeing all the good things that actually are happening. Thanks for the funk tips, they’ll definite help me get on track 🙂

    • Asmaa says:

      The same thing happens to me and I often find that it helps to think about “the bigger picture”. It’s kind of reminding yourself why you are going through all that trouble instead of sleeping 20/7 :p
      Also, I agree with you. I also find that those kind of conversations that result from #howtobehappyjanuary allows me to get back on track!!
      Thank you Nikki and good luck to you Isabel ♥♥♥

  2. Cas says:

    Thank you so much for these tips! Lately I have been extremely stressed and I find myself in a funk a lot more than usual. These tips have not only help me de-funkify, but they have also helped me cope with some symptoms of my anxiety. Thanks again for your helpful tips 🙂

  3. Emily Wills says:

    This has been my first week back at college, and I feel like I’ve just been in this sluggish, apathetic, unmotivated funk. I feel like I haven’t even started, since I’ve mostly just gone through the motions and not put anything into my classes yet. But what you said at the end of your last video about praying more and connecting more with God struck a chord! It remided me of how important that is. I know what I need to do!! Thank you so much for all you’re doing this month!! xx

  4. Elsa says:

    Really exciting was this week that I found your Youtubechannel! I was in a terrible funk sooner this year and then I saw my bestfriend and found your tips and this made my day much better. I have a lot of goals this year and I will work hard to reach them but as you sad- We have to find the happiness in each day and connect more to God- so let’s see how it works 🙂

  5. Amelie says:

    Omg that’s exactly how I was feeling the past few days but I didn’t know what it was called!! I described it to my friend as “I feel “neutral” like I’m not happy not am I sad.. It’s like I don’t feel anything but it’s not great…”
    I was kinda “happy” about feeling like that though since I’ve been struggling with anxiety again lately 😔😞
    So not having to cry but being in a funk sounded better to me 🙂
    I’m getting better day by day though and eventually I’ll be fine 🙂
    Thankyou so much for #howtobehappyjanuary Nikki! You’re a truly inspirational and kind person. You have such a big heart and good advice. Thank you!

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    Hi Nikki, thank you so much for posting this little reminder of what we all can do to get out of a funk. You really are an inspiration to me Nikki and keep me going even when I feel beaten up and torn down. I really need your help because lately I have been feeling in somewhat of a funk. My funk has not just gone away within a day though, it is continuous and it feels like I live each day with the same thoughts, problems, and motions. You may have seen that I commented on two other daily posts about how much I have been hurting because of an internal struggle. I’m only 14 and have a crush on this boy. He gives me mixed signals and it has become to stressful to continue trying to decipher them. I have hope when the day ends that tomorrow he will no longer consume my thoughts but when I wake up in the morning everything just starts over. I’m hurting Nikki and I don’t know what to do. I’m not trying to seem like a Debby downer and I’m not trying to tell a sad sob story but I need someone to talk to. I have never had a mom and in some ways I like to think of you as my mom(if that is not too weird). Nikki please help me through this because I really need you. Thanks.

  7. Courtney says:

    I’ve been in FUNK times ALOT recently because my uncle has lung caner and is going to go unconscious in 2 to 3 weeks. That’ll mean out of my 3 uncles I will only have 1 left. I get down in the dumps alot and its hard because people tell me to look after my mom alot (its my moms brother) but they forget that I might be hurting too. This uncle is my closest uncle he has 3 young children and a wife I could hardly imagine being a single mother. It so hard for me to find the Happiness but with your #howtobehappyjanuary I hoping to find that happiness weekly !

    Thank you <3

  8. Maricel says:

    Hi, Nikki!

    I’ve been trying to keep up with the blog lately and it’s been great for me. Definitely helps when I’m in a funk through my day. My goal this year is to be smarter about my money and expand in a hobby of mine and to hopefully move up with that in the future. Sometimes I doubt myself and I get a little scared of what I think I won’t be capable of, but I’m hoping I can prove to myself that I can do it.

    To get myself out of a funk, I normally get moving too! I workout at the end of most of my days and I end up feeling so much better 🙂

  9. Rebecca says:

    Hi Nikki!
    Thank you for sharing this post. It is so easy these days to get into a funk over little things. I have often been in a bad mood because of my illness and where I am in life right now. To get myself into a better mood I usually call a friend too or do something nice to pamper myself. It will always make me feel 10 times better.

  10. Abbi says:

    These are great tips! I have actually been in kind-of a “funk” the past few days. (Does that happen? A multi-day funk?) And I think its because I am starting to have anxiety about going back to school. I am really trying to just take it one day at a time, sometimes that is just so hard to do! But thank you for these tips! I will definitely try them out!

  11. Judy says:

    Oh My Gosh I totally relate to this! I am in the biggest funk right now, but so so irritable at the same time. The smallest noise being made in my house is tipping me over the edge! Just one of those moods where sitting in silence is appreciated! But you have inspired me to at least try giving a friend a call 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      This was really useful Nikki!! I just today discovered your channel and found this blog and have I guess “binge read” all of these posts. I have just recently have also been in a bit of a funk, but am still sort of climbing out of it. I turned 13 a few days and I felt as if now that I was an “official teenager” I had to act completely different. I felt as though I had to instantly become this mature woman who wasn’t allowed to do things that would be normal for a 12 year old. After my minor break down I was stuck in a funk. Because of my age, I am in that stage of life when I can be very easily irritated or have a break down. So I have reach toy been in a lot of funks. I have found that to get out of them I just needed to slightly change my lifestyle. Whether that’s just changing up my room a bit or creating a new playlist of music that I love and listening to that constantly. I hope that this helps some others that are stuck in funks like I have been.

  12. Suzie says:

    Let me start off by saying how much I have been enjoying these blogs! I get the feeling…everyone has those days and usually when I have those days, I do a few things:
    -Talk and spend time with my husband…usually getting out of the house to go grab coffee tea or anything really.
    -reading books on my ibook, kindle or even an actually book itself!
    -Watching vlogs on YouTube- a lot of you tubers who vlog I feel like are really motivational and they help me get back into a happy place.
    -if those things don’t work for me then I watch YouTube motivational videos and routine videos (that def helps)


    • A- Thank you so much girl!!=) I’m really glad you have been liking the blog posts!! I cant wait because we’re actually launching a youtube channel with it next month!!!🙊 B- I love your tips! those are all things I do when I’m feeling in a funk too!!! so good!!!=D Thanks again girl for chiming in! I hope you’re having a good week so far!!!=)

  13. Yohanna says:

    Today I felt like my friends didn’t listen to what I had to say about everything. That they ignored me for no reason! So when I got home from school I just thought about that, and got in the mood that I-have-no-good-friends-like-everybody-has… I really want to talk to a friend or really just someone, but I’m afraid that they’ll think that I’m sad about everything and that I’m caring too much of what everybody thinks of me… I don’t know what to do, because I really don’t want to care about what other people thinks about me…

    • Yohanna says:

      I meant: what other people thinks about me…

    • Suzie says:

      If you ever need someone to talk too…feel free to message me!

    • A- Im sorry you had that kind of day girl=( Those days are so hard! B- i think one thing to examine would be if you’re being a fair judge not only of your attitude (aka, are you being TOO much of a debbie downer?) thats hard to hear, but if you put yourself in other peoples shoes sometimes its easier to swallow… would you want a friend who whined a lot and cared TOO much about what other people think?? ( I don’t know if thats whats happening with you, Im just asking=) C- you may want to consider that you’re overplaying in your head what other peoples friendships may be like…? Its easy to think that everyone has better friends than you! haha Thats a common misconception… and even though you are right that maybe you can build deeper more quality friendships, don’t fall into grass is greener syndrome… i think everyone feels that way at times. Bottom line, its ok girl. You will ge through this… I hope you have a relaxing weekend and you feel calmer soon! I love you!<3

  14. Sarah-Beth says:

    Out of all of the feelings in the world, I definitely think the funk feeling is the worst. Especially when amazing things are happening to you (like you, congratulations on all of those things, Nikki! You deserve it all!) Sometimes it’s when you have wonderful things happening, or you’re just in a good place in life, those feelings seep in and try to ruin it for you. I love your tips on how to move past these kinds of funks, I totally agree! For me, yoga is what moves me through and brings me back to reality!

    Loving having the blog back up to read every day, Nikki! Everyone’s advice, perspectives, and love is so empowering!

    Take good care, lovely!


    • First off, thank you for the congrats!!! I am so excited about everything that is happening! its been a fun/cool month so far!! I kinda cant believe everything! hahah Also, I agree! yoga always helps me! I’m going to start going to classes again when we move in febraury because Im going to literally live across the street from a studio! I could be not lazy and do it at home but I’m excited to go to a studio=) haha Also, thanks for the compliment=) I’m so excited for everything The Gang is growing to be! Its gunna be an exciting year!!!=)

  15. Miral Zee says:

    Hey Nikki
    I don’t really know what’s going on with me these days I just feel like my life is getting too bland; all that excitement and emotions that add the flavour have seem to have disappeared. I no longer feel like getting out of my room and my personality is slowly turning anti-social and pretty pessimistic, I just feel invisible these days–this is a completely new to me because earlier I used to be really outgoing and fun. What do I do now?

  16. Miral Zee says:

    Hey Nikki
    I don’t really know what’s going on with me these days I just feel like my life is getting too bland; all that excitement and emotions that add the flavour seem to have disappeared. I no longer feel like getting out of my room and my personality is slowly turning anti-social and pretty pessimistic, I just feel invisible these days–this is completely new to me because, earlier I used to be really outgoing and fun. What do I do now?

    • Hey Miral! Im so sorry you’ve been going through this… I feel like its super common to go through funks like that because life is full of so many ups and downs and plus, I feel like all of the changes people (especially girls in my opinion) go through can really make you feel not like yourself! its hard to know your place and how to act and feel when life throws curveballs at you… and sometimes i feel like rather than feeling “sad” we just feel “not like ourselves”… I’ve been through that so many times in my life… just keep swimming girl! you WILL get through this and feel like yourself again<3

  17. Marissa says:

    My mom has always used the quote This to shall pass!

  18. Gianna says:

    Hey Nikki this doesn’t really relate to this topic but I just wanted your advice on somthing. I was friends with this girl and then she asked me in gym if I supported gay and lesbian marriage and I told her I didn’t (I’m a Christian too) and then she started ignoring and not wanting to sit with anymore bc of that and now she’s kinda making fun of me like yesterday she was like you really should stop doing your hair like that and I know I should just ignore her but I just don’t know and I just feel really lonely and I’ve been reading some devotionals but it just isn’t seeming to work and I just don’t know what God wants me to do if you could give me advice or prayer that would be great😊

    • Hey girl! I’m sorry! Thats really hard=( I honestly don’t know what to say because I personally came to a place a while ago where I decided not to have too strong of an opinion on people being gay in general… I’m not in their body and I don’t know how they feel… plus its a super touchy subject for people (understandably!).. so I just decided to love people, not have an opinion on how they’re living their life and just focus on mine. I feel like that issue causes a lot of division amongst people and i have yet to ever see it go over well when people are openly “against” (because thats how they take it.. and i understand) homosexuality… I totally understand you standing your ground in your beliefs, but thats how I operate. If i were you I would just try to continue to be friendly when you see her, but not go out of your way to make her your friend. You cant MAKE someone like you and you cant control how someone else feels… so she may just choose to be upset and thats it. All you can do is control how you treat her… and in my opinion just because she supports gay marriage, thats not a reason to not be her friend. She’s allowed to think what she wants to think=) (I know you know that, just thinking out loud) Its ok girl! Just keep plugging along, she is not the first person who will do this to you as depressing or encouraging as that may sound… haha love you!!!=)

  19. Ashley Haywood says:

    What are some ways to deal anxiety

    • 1. prayer
      2.physical exercise
      3. call friend
      4. make a healthful meal
      5. know your not alone=)

      I also made a video about anxiety last week if you wanna check that out! I talked about a couple ways to fight anxiety… I hope you find it helpful Ashley! Im sorry you’ve been dealing with that<3

  20. Natalia says:

    I thank God I found your YouTube channel when I did! I love watching your videos and reading your blog. It’s helping me a lot! More than you can imagine! You’re a true blessing to many of us!! Thank you Nikki

  21. Yohanna says:

    Hi Nikki! Thank you for your answer! It did help me to think about what real friendship is…. I actually told a friend (that lives in another city) about my situation, and she told me “be yourself”. See, that’s the whole problem. I don’t know what they mean when people are saying that! But I think that I’m in that age when many girls are trying to figure out who they are… So the thing that I’m saying to myself when I’m in that situation is: I don’t have to compare myself to everyone! I have my friends, and they have their friends! And yes, I have those days when I’m sad and everything, but everything’s gonna me alright!!
    I’m sorry if I wrote bad English, but I’m not actually from a place were that talk English.. Heh…

  22. Erika Andersen says:

    Hi Nikki!
    I’ve been feeling stressed and so out of myself lately, do to the fact that I have so many things I want to accomplish, and I feel like I only have so and so much time to do it, even though I have the rest of my life to do what I dream of doing and what I love! I have so many goals and so many things I just want to achieve! I’ve been jealous of all the youtubers who’ve been travelling, cause I’ve never really done it, and it’s my BIGGEST dream to see the world and experience all those different cultures etc. I’m 19 years old, so I have a lot of years to accomplish it, but I’m so impatient and because of my lack of confidence, I’ve just been in a funk. Right now I have a big debt and I’m stressing over the fact that I can’t pursue my dream of becoming a youtuber, because I don’t have the money to do it full time, and I can’t find a job! So I’m working for the state (it’s a little school like thing, where we create things that we sell off to a lot of different people… It’s kinda complicated haha) And I hardly get any money from there, so I’m stuck… I don’t know what my next move is.. I want to study media and film making in a school that lies in a bigger city, but I don’t have the money to move or anything else.. I’m stuck in a funk, that I’m trying to get out of! I’m really trying to become more positive, which I’ve actually been better at, but it’s so hard with everything that’s going on, and living in a house with my dad, who’s SOOOOO negative, about EVERYTHING and yelling at pots of water boiling over, spilt milk or small things like that, It’s hard, but I’m trying to be as positive as I can and being grateful for what I have, instead of focusing on all of that! I’m really trying… I just want to say thank you for having this blog and making such a big deal out of it, because it really helps and even though I’m a little behind, I try to keep myself updated and I try to read a couple of the pages, in the books I’ve bought and finally received, every day. I’m trying my best, and I’m happy that I can share my thoughts here <3

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