Can You Be TOO Happy?

Happiness is something we all desire and strive to achieve in our lives. I have always tried my best to have an optimist outlook when navigating through life. As much as I believe in the law of attraction and how critical it is to stay optimistic, I don’t want to hide from the fact that sadness and heartbreak are crucial parts of fully understanding and feeling happiness. Most of my life I have tried to bury sadness and ignore negative feelings. This has always been my way of dealing with anything negative that has happened in my life. I believe that if you are someone who tries to ignore the negatives in your life, you will most likely reach a point in your life where you feel lost. I truly believe that you can be too optimistic.

When I reached the age of 25, I started to realize I wasn’t as happy as thought I was. I really started to dig deep into my soul and ask myself if I was TRULY happy or if I was just making myself and the people around me believe I was. I had some major realizations during this soul search. I came to find out I was suppressing my true emotions about my life. I wasn’t happy with where I was and what I was doing, so I decided to start being real with myself and admit I was unhappy. With this realization, I started to make some major life changes. Over the past year and a half I left my not-so-great job, ended a not-so-great relationship and moved out to LA to start my dream job.

After learning that it’s important to understand and accept sadness, I had another realization that I believe is truly the most important key to happiness. Gratitude changes everything. over the past year my heart has been bursting with gratefulness and with that I have no choice but to feel true happiness. If we open our eyes to the world around us and the recognize the things we are thankful for, we will reap the benefits of gratitude. There are so many different levels and scales of gratitude but it’s most important to feel appreciation for the LITTLE things. I am thankful for the littlest things… like having a cup of coffee in the morning or waking up to my dog licking my face. When you feel this sense of gratitude about the little and beautiful things, if something bigger comes your way, you’ll feel like your heart is going to explode of thankfulness and happiness.

“It is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy.”


Carrie Rad

I’m Carrie. My job is to share my life with the internet. I am currently living in Los Angeles working towards fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming an actress by playing in digital series and attending auditions. When I am not acting or creating content, you can find me cuddling with my fur child Hendrix and searching for the best cup of coffee. If I wasn’t doing any of this, my ideal world would consist of me living as a full-time mermaid somewhere along the coast of Italy.

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Sarah-Beth says:

    I loved this perspective Carrie! It’s so much easier to just pretend you’re happy, even if you don’t know that you’re pretending. Admitting to yourself that things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies is hard, because then you have to deal with the bad. But once you deal with it, the most amazing things happen! I’m so glad you shared this, I really needed to hear it so that I can make the jump and make some improvements to my life.


  2. Memoona says:

    Thanks a lot carrie.So inspirational.I m happy i read this article :)Tc

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