The Best Space Paintings + My Not So Secret Passion!


First off WHOAH. I am in awe of this weeks posts and I hope you guys have been loving reading everyones stuff as much as I have and have felt super encouraged and inspired!… or even just interested in reigniting passion in your life!

Passion is an interesting word because I feel like when I heard the word “passion” I associate it with career… “make your passion your work!”… “what are you passionate about?!” (for the purposes of work)…. but I think the other side of passion is the leisure side….

Now for a while I would look at my life and think “what the heck man… I mean its amazing but I literally have no passions that I haven’t made my work!” (major first world problems I know… haha)… but I wanted to really truly enjoy something that wasn’t my career! Then one day… I realized that I DO have that in my life. OUTTER SPACE. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

Now let me clarify. I am horrible at science.. I don’t know THAT much of the science about our galaxy or the stars or the sun or the planets… ( I do know random facts that I’ve picked up on Neil De Grass Tysons podcast… but not much)….. But the reason I love outer space isn’t because of the science… its the mystery. It’s the fact that we’re all sitting in this little fish bowl… looking out into the galaxy… but we cant get there… at least not most of us… yet. lol

When Dan and I went to Hawaii for the first time last year with his family, the thing that I was most amazed with was the sky at night. You could sit on the edge of the shore and because it was just the ocean in the distance and the sky above, I could see the sky in a way that I never had before…. and it was awe inspiring. Its so strange but the way that I feel when I look into the night sky is unlike anything else I ever feel… I feel endlessly creative (I’m not sure how one can “feel” endlessly creative… but I do) excited about life… my curiosity is reignited and I feel PASSIONATE. Now you may be like “Nikki… don’t you feel like those word choices are a tad dramatic???”… and my response to you would be “GO TO HAWAII AND STAND ON THE SHORE AND LOOK AT THE NIGHT SKY. IM NOT BEING DRAMATIC.” LOL Plus….everyone has something like that in their life.

SO. All of that being said, A: I realized that I do have something that is a deep passion of mine that isn’t my career….& B: I will still probably end up finding a way to integrate that in to my career and side note… in my opinion turning your passions into your work and making it a lifestyle is actually the goal. lol & C: I guess I did just turn it into my “work” by writing about it in this post.  LOL

LASTLY…. I was scrolling through Instagram one day a few months ago and I found this artist who paints space… I was so in awe of these pics and I think you’re gunna love them…..One day her work will cover my walls=) Check her out here! Stella Maria Baer

My closing thought/question for you all is this… what is something that you love to do or learn about that isn’t a part of your career? While it may be jumping ahead to ask “what are some ways you could integrate it into your career” I still wanna know the answer if you have it or give that to you to brew in your brain=) so there we go!


I’m so excited to be taking this journey with all of you and be sure to check our Instagram… we’re doing a giveaway right now to celebrate our launch!



Nikki Phillippi


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