How To Find Your Personal Style

Today’s post is all about finding your personal style! Fashion + style are two of my biggest passions. I’ve been creating fashion videos on YouTube for 5 years, I’ve had a style blog for 4 years, and now this is the first year that I’ve actually begun designing a clothing line [bee-tee-dubs, I still can’t believe that I can say that]. Whether your someone who loves fashion or someone who doesn’t know where to even start, I hope my post can you help be more comfortable in your style!

I have always loved fashion. I remember being seven years old + drawing up the designs for what I wanted to be my fashion line. I wore a gold lamé 2 piece + a tiara to school on my 8th birthday- apparently sparkles have always been my thing. But I didn’t know they were always my thing. In fact, I didn’t know that I had this extremely identifiable style until I started blogging! It wasn’t until I began posting regular photos of my outfits + reading your comments that I began to understand what I was ‘known for’. I would receive hundreds of messages and pictures of something sequined with messages like ‘this screams Carly’ ‘this is so you’ and I would be like *GASP*- that IS so me! I AM obsessed with sparkles! I DO always wear black! I’ve always known what I liked, but you guys really helped me label what I would call my personal style [I’d call it casual glamour].

I tell you guys this because that’s how fashion and personal style should be. You should be sticking to pieces that make you feel great. Is there any particular fabric you just love? Sequins, Flannel, Denim? My favorite thing about personal style is that it let’s you show the world who you want to be. You get to communicate so much about who you are as a person without even saying a word. My top two questions I would ask when it comes to style are-

1. Is there a specific way you want to feel when you get dressed? [confident, comfortable?]

2. Who do you want to be that day?

When I ask ‘who do you want to be’ I mean dress for your dreams, not dress for other people’s acceptance. Ex: Do you have a job interview coming up? Dress like the powerful business woman that you are! That’s the incredible thing about fashion: it allows you to feel the way you want to about yourself. It’s not about what you’re wearing, or who you’re wearing- it’s about how YOU feel when you’re in it. The right outfit or right dress can make you feel ready to take on the world. When you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin, you are unstoppable!

The key to finding your personal style isn’t necessarily about nailing down a specific look or title. It’s about knowing how you want to feel and knowing what pieces accomplish that. Here are some of my tips on finding what works for you + feeling great every day!

1. What do you want to be known as?

Each day you have a chance to decide who you want to be. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for pieces for work + other events!

2. How do you want to feel when you’re in the outfit?

Do you want to feel comfortable? Confident? Chic? When you’re looking for pieces that match the occasion you’re dressing for [work, dinners, events, etc] try to find pieces in that category that make you feel this way as well.

3. Find what works best for your body

It becomes much easier to dress yourself once you know what works best on your figure and how you like your body to look. For example: I KNOW that I like higher waisted pieces or looser fits. I’m not the biggest fan of my shape, so I like to accentuate my legs vs my hips. You’ll see me in a lot of dresses cinched at the waist, or in looser fits like tunics. I don’t like how I look in tighter, more body-con styles. I don’t even bother trying those types on! Find what works for you + stick to it.

4. Have go-to outfits

Have some staple looks in your closet that you know you feel great in. For me this is an LBD and a couple more casual outfits. If I’m ever having an ‘off’ day, I know I feel great in these + I can throw them on in a rush.

I hope my tips on finding your style could help you! Do you know what your personal style is? Do you have any specific pieces that make you feel great when you’re wearing them? Let me know in the comments!

– Carly C.

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