5 Makeup Tips to Get Ready Fast

Getting ready used to be my favorite part of going anywhere! It was relaxing, fun, and therapeutic. I would try on 10 outfits, switch up my hair and makeup, and blast music. I liked to take my time.

Fast forward to now! Being a mom changes everything when it comes to getting myself out the door. Getting ready is a whole new ball game! It’s much less about experimenting with my look, and more about knowing what I already like and what works for me. I use a lot of techniques and products to get ready faster now, too. Here are a few of my favorite beauty hacks and products that I use and recommend to all my friends & new moms!

1. Use a Beauty Blender to Apply Foundation.
A beauty blender is the fastest way to blend foundation evenly. When I used to use a brush, it took a lot more time to apply my foundation because I was blending for what seemed like forever. The beauty blender makes blending effortless & evenly distributes your foundation and concealer. Even if it weren’t such a quick tool, I would still use it because I love how it blends makeup flawlessly.

2. Do a One-Eyeshadow-Look.
Again, blending takes time. Using only one color cuts your eye-makeup routine in half. Applying one color to the lid and crease actually looks beautiful, too! My favorite go-to product for this is YDK by Urban Decay. This color is a beautiful taupe that really can stand alone & bring out a natural, yet put-together look quickly. It creates the illusion that you went that extra mile with your look, even though it takes less than a minute.

3. Texturize Unwashed Hair!
I love the Bumble and Bumble City Swept Spray to refresh my hair. Or, for a cheaper alternative, just use regular baby powder at the roots. Both of these help reset your hair and give it volume in under 2 minutes. You won’t believe how well baby powder works, by the way!

4. Do Your Eyebrows With a Brow Mascara.
There are so many ways to fill in your brows, and some can become very time-consuming. Using a brow mascara takes the least amount of time and it creates a more natural looking brow. If you like the really defined look, use a pencil to further fill in the brow afterwards. One of my favorite brow products is the NYX Brow Mascara. I think it’s a great dupe for Benefit’s Gimme Brow and has a longer wand so it makes it even easier to apply.

5. Refresh Without Foundation.
To refresh your look, instead of applying more foundation in the middle of the day, apply a little tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier makes an amazing one) to the parts of your face that need some coverage. Use your favorite highlight (like Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Champagne Pop) at the top of your cheekbones to regain the fresh dewy effect that may have worn off, and lightly go over your t-zone with a little bit of powder. I love MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder because it evens out my skin, and doesn’t cake on. Then finish it off with a refreshing setting spray, my all-time favorite is Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. It smells like a spa mixed with a vacation (I’m not kidding) and instantly wakes up my face and my makeup. I can’t recommend it enough. It was an impulse buy while I was in line at Sephora and now I think I will re-purchase it until the end of time.

6. Always Air-Dry Hair!
Shower at night and let your hair air-dry! Not only has this helped my hair grow almost 8 additional inches, it’s actually left my hair feeling silky and softer than when I used to blow-dry it. My hair is so much healthier now. I have less split ends, and it’s just plain faster. When I shower at night, I simply put a small towel on my pillow & let my hair dry as I sleep. I only wash my hair twice a week, but it has made a huge difference in saving time; it removes almost 20 minutes from my morning routine by not having to shower and blow-dry.

What is your favorite beauty product that helps you get ready fast? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!


Emily Olson

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