Nikki’s First Editor Letter


Welcome to the new “improved” Gang! lol While I don’t know if “improved” is the right word……haha but I’m pretty excited because this as you all probably know by now is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time… and that being said, I feel like this relaunch and roll out is a closer version to what I’ve envisioned from the beginning then what I had before! We have cast members now that are releasing posts on their day each week and we are going to be taking viewer/reader submissions (aka you guys…lol) to post on the site.

Every month there is going to be a theme and this months theme is PASSION! Honestly, passion felt like the perfect theme to roll out with for a few reasons….

First of all….the theme was inspired by my friend Kristina Carillo- Bucuram AKA FullyRawKristina (THIS MONTH’S COVERGIRL!) …. I was scrolling through her instagram and read one her many inspirational posts and I was overwhelmed by her passion for what she does so much so that I decided that I wanted this months theme to be passion… and for her to be the cover girl!

I nervously ask Kristina if she would be interested in being the first cover girl and without skipping a beat she told me “of course!”….. she said that she WANTED to support MY passion! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude! I couldn’t believe that this woman who has done and is doing SO much with her life would want to be involved in something that I’m doing! Especially in the initial launch which those of you that have done big projects know that the beginning is always the rockiest and involves the most changes… but she said yes=)

Honestly, that segue is perfect because thats how I felt with my entire initial cast. You may or may not know this but I help run a channel called “JustLikeThat” and on JLT we have cast members and each cast member has a day they upload on…. this is going to be a similar format in writing style + viewer submissions=) When I asked Nabela, Emily, Carly & of course my sister and dad… their enthusiasm and excitement to join The Gang was so overwhelming I cried. I think so highly of all of these people and I seriously didn’t expect them to say yes to me!

I don’t know why but for some reason when I’m working on a project I just always assume that no matter how cool I think it is… it’s probably lame… because its me… hahah Thats kind of embarrassing to admit, but its true. So seriously… I was shocked and in awe and so grateful and humbled when everyone said yes!

The other reason Passion is an appropriate first theme is because thats essentially what this site is being built on… passion. I have a passion for life and being the best version of MYSELF I can be!… and encouraging other people to be the best THEM they can be! This is something I’e always felt passionately about… and thats what I want this site to be!

The final reason I thought passion was the perfect first theme is because this is something I feel like I have been lacking a little… until recently. I feel like I had gotten to this point where I was letting life get the best of me and suck the passion out of me. I didn’t like that… and honestly thats the secret truth about this site and when I do themes on my channel….. if I’m talking about it, its most likely because I need to work on that area… not because I’m an expert. haha Passion is something I’ve been trying to bring back for a while and while I can definitely say its creeped back into my life leading up to this launch, I’m still excited to dive into the topic. I think its so important to find something that can pull you forward in life & pull you out of bed in the morning… Sure, you can keep pushing (& sometimes thats what you have to do)… but its much easier to be pulled… its much more relaxing and so much more satisfying.


SO.. you may be wondering “ NIKKI…. what the heck… I don’t know my passion!…. & I’m scared to try and find it!…what if I cant?!”… well…. this leads me to the excitement I have about you reading tomorrows post by Kristina! She’s going to talk about how she found her passion and help you hopefully wander down the path to finding yours…. and lemme tell ya… Kristina is honestly one of the most passionate, driven, HARD WORKING people I’ve ever met…. and one of the things that I honestly love and admire about Kristina is that even though I am not a raw foodist, she’s never pushed her beliefs on me… she’s only tried to let her lifestyle speak for itself… and its inspiring to see her love people unconditionally even if they’re living a life completely different than hers….Its truly inspiring and I’m trying to learn from her and apply that to my life as well! Loving people where they are… thats a skill folks. (Jesus was good at that…. Kristina is good at that…. I wanna be good at that! haha)

So ya guys… thats it! I feel like this editor’s letter wasn’t that prolific but honestly, I’m trying to keep my head above water right now and there was so much I just wanted to explain… haha

I will see you guys next Saturday and back here in the comments all week!

PS- Don’t forget to follow The Gang on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Our accounts are going to be extremely cute and inspiring ok?? hahaha plus we will be doing some giveaways;)




Nikki Phillippi


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